An Inside Look at Naim Cafe in Brisbane

An Inside Look at Naim Cafe in Brisbane

  • Array Tereza

  • 2 years ago

Naim is a small Middle Eastern cafe based in Brisbane, Australia. The Moorish inspired interior was created by Hana Hakim of Melbourne-based The Stella Collective.

“Being impeccably conscious to create texture and relief in the surfaces while mixing materials with a sheen and luster to attract quality of light, we ensured the interiors to be warm, welcoming, happy and appetizing at every turn. Drawing on both Hana’s and client’s Syrian heritage, a romance to the space was born. Custom geometric tile adorning the walls is a respectful ode to the time old traditions of arabesque tile craft. Inspired by Damascene ‘hole in the wall tea houses’ throughout the Middle East. Sumptuous curved ceilings and walls embellished with polished plaster (traditionally known as Tadelakt), add a wonderfully calming state whilst blackened steel & custom mirrored light fittings suspend from the ceiling reflecting the abundant interior below. This combination of finishes and greenery in such a small space makes a bountiful oasis for its customers,” explained The Stella Collective

Warm, welcoming, happy interior
Polished plaster Tadelakt on walls
Detail of counter
Plant decoration
Custom geometric tile